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Clinical history

カテゴリー: English — 奥ノ山医院

The Sangubashi Eye Clinic was founded as the first refractive eye surgery clinic in Japan in 1983.

Refractive corneal surgery corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and helps presbiopia, so called refractive errors by changing of corneal curvature using RK, PRK, Lasik,
Intralasik or Flapless Lasik  operations.

As a clinic specialising in refractive eye surgery.
we pay attention to the following:

1) Testing on myself, members of my family and staff. Checking to make sure it’s safe and effective.

2) Visual Acuity: using cutting edge technology to give patients the best results possible.

3) Quality of vision: to enhance everyday activities, jobs, sports etc.

In 2011 our Clinic celebrated it’s 28th anniversary, until now more than 20,000 eyes have been operated on and not one eye lost.

More than 200 Japanese eye doctors have attended our clinical conferences.
Refractive corneal operations have become more popular and accepted as a common part of modern medicine.


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