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Dr.Kodo Okuyama

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Dr.Kodo Okuyama


1974 Graduated from the Second Moscow Institute (Moscow University of Medcine).
Received a Russian Medical licence.
1975 Received a Japanese Medical licence.
Worked at Fujimi Hospital and Tokai University of Medicine.
1983 Received Refractive eye surgery (RK) from Prof.Fyodrov Moscow.
1983 Opened Sangubashi Eye Clinic (The first clinic in Japan which specialized in Refractive eye surgery).
1989 First farsightedness operation in Japan at our clinic.
1992 PRK (Photo Refractive Keratoplasty) at our clinic
1995 Received a PHD in Refractive Eye surgery.
1996 Received a specialist licence in Ophthalmology (Russia).

Carier highlights: Guest Prof. at Kazakh Medical University.
Ex W.H.O research center fellow.
Editor of Eye Surgery Journal.

Dr.K.Okuyama and his Clinic.
Sangubashi Eye Clinic are now using the forth generation operation Developed by Dr.K.Okuyama.
The generations are as fellows;
1. RK 1984-1991
2. PRK (Super-PRK) 1992-2004
3. Flapless Lasik(Superficial-PRK+MMC) 2005-
Generation 4 was developed by Dr.K.Okuyama and takes the operation to the next level in tissue care.


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