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The Sangubashi Eye Clinic.

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In technical collaboration with the Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Institute, Moscow,

The Sangubashi Eye Clinic, Shimouma Setagayaku,Tokyo, has developed Flapless Lasik ( corneal abrasion is made by a broad beam laser, and does not use any knife or surgical instrument ) myopic refractive surgery using only an excimer laser.

The Fyodorov Institute has conducted more than 100,000 cases of PRK treatment since 1987.

In brief, Flapless Lasik is myopic refractive surgery, by flattening the convex curve at the center of the cornea through abrasion of an optical zone of about 6.7 mm in diameter with a volume three dimensional excimer laser.

Due to using Flapless Lasik, we reached a high accuracy rate in refractive effect of more than 93% and get as close as possible to 100% using regenerative tissue control during post operative care.

It is highly safe and effective.

Depending on the degree of myopia and corneal thickness, the depth and the area of abrasion vary for different patients.

In cases of extreme myopia and very thin cornea, Flapless Lasik re-operation may be called for.

  • The Process of Lasik Flapless(Movie)

  • The Process of Lasik(Movie)


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